Manumed Optimal 2 section

Manumed Optimal
2 section

With the Manumed Optimal 2-section treatment couch you have the modern Manumed Optimal quality couch at your disposal. Robust in appearance and simple to operate. Stable and durable.

Less is more with the Manumed Optimal 2-section couch. The 2-part head section, the 2-part head section with separate arm supports and the 2-part back section offer a full range of options to the therapist looking for an uncomplicated couch for safe treatment.

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  • 2 (up to 4) adjustable sections
  • Load capacity up to 200 kg (optional 250 kg)
  • Head section folds down completely for better access of the cervical region
  • Optimally positioned handles
  • Long nose hole, allowing proximal or distal movement of the patient even when lying in prone position
  • Optional a triangular nose hole or without nose hole
  • Wheel raising mechanism for easy movement of the couch
  • Height can be adjusted hydraulically (no mains lead needed) or electrically (very convenient, smooth and quick)
  • Completely relaxed starting position in the face-down position with seperate head section with adjustable arm rests (optional)

Technical Specifications

Size tabletop (lxw) 202 x 67 cm (optional 57 or 80 cm width)
Height adjustment 45-95 cm
Lifting time (min.-max.) approximately 18 sec.
Lifting capacity 200 kg (electrical model optional 250 kg)
Power supply 120/230VAC 50/60 Hz
Current consumption 2.0 A max.