Manumed Bobath

Manumed Bobath

Neurological exercise therapy with the Manumed Bobath. The large, extra wide treatment surface of 100 cm to 120 cm makes it easy to support and assist patients during therapeutic exercises. The Bobath and Vojta motion methods can be applied to perfection owing to the unmatched stability. A sturdy couch affording both patient and practitioner the most comfortable treatment positions.

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  • Very large surface (100 or 120×200 cm)
  • Wheel raising mechanism for easy movement of the couch
  • Electric or hydraulic height adjustment
  • The 2-section model can be used as a neurological exercise or treatment couch

Technical Specifications

Size tabletop (lxw) 200 x 100 cm for models 500, 510 and 520
Optional 120 cm for 510 and 520
200 x 120 cm for models 511 and 521
Height adjustment 43-96 cm
Lifting time (min.-max.) approximately 18 sec.
Lifting capacity 250 kg for Type 520 and 521 (electric) 200 kg for Type 510 and 511 (hydraulic) 135 kg for Type 500 (fixed height)
Power supply 120/230VAC 50/60 Hz
Current consumption 2.0 A max.