The most extensive hand & wrist CPM available on the market

  • Up to 9 anatomical movements mobilising 14 joints
  • A fantastic complement to wrist, fingers and thumb rehabilitation
  • Intuitive remote control with individual keys for each movement
  • Featuring an educational DVD guiding the user through patient set up and therapy

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Anatomical and precise motion
The Kinetec Maestra™ is a complete solution for wrist, fingers and thumb passive rehabilitation. It is the most extensive CPM device on the market and fulfils most of the requirements in hand & wrist passive therapy.

Digital remote control
The digital remote control technology from Kinetec® has been featured in the device to provide a visual feedback to the patient as well as movement accuracy during therapy. The top panel is dedicated to each movement available with the unit.

Interactive guide
The device is also delivered with an educational DVD guiding the user through the patient set up and therapy. This useful tool also provides tips and advice from health professionals on the pathologies and protocols to be covered by the device.