En Track

En Track

The EN-Track concept gives you full control over the active rehabilitation process, ensuring optimum treatment at all times. Training schemes (including MTT, Strength Training, Cardiovascular Training and Freestyle Training Models) can easily be compiled using the training recommendations already pre-programmed in EN-Track.

Data is collected by the patients themselves and is added to their patient status entirely automatically. The basic concept can be adapted to suit individual needs, thus guaranteeing a personalised but fully automatic monitoring of every patient. Needless to say, the ultimate training goal and the steps selected to achieve it are all fully user-definable. During the training phase, feedback of results is guaranteed.

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  • Quality management of the exercise programme
  • Clear insight into patient’s progress at all times
  • Possibility of standardising exercise protocols
  • Sensible and safe training build-up
  • Safe training build-up
  • No manual record-keeping
  • No single workout forms
  • Feedback on all exercises
  • Excellent reporting facilities
  • Easy-to-use software program


  • Windows XP Professional, Windows 7 (32- and 64 bit)
  • Modern computer which is now commercially available
  • CD-R/RW drive
  • VGA monitor
  • A printer according to your wishes and supported by your Windows version
  • EN-Track software
  • Chipcard drive for EN-Track
  • EN-Track chipcards, 10 pieces
  • All training principles can be freely interpolated