EN-Stim 4

The EN-Stim 4 is a 4-channel electrotherapy apparatus, that is optimized for pain relief and muscle stimulation applications, using asymmetric and symmetric TENS current waveforms.

The apparatus provides both protocol driven and manual operation.

Protocol driven operation provides both factory or user defined sequences of treatment steps. In this mode all channels are linked, i.e. parameter settings apply to all channels simultaneously, the treatment timer included.

Manual operation is limited to a single treatment step. With manual operation the channels can be linked or used independently. In the independent mode individual parameter settings are available on each channel. In this mode each channel also has its own treatment timer.

In either mode the current amplitude can be set individually on each channel.

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  • 39 pre-programmed programs
  • Optimum control via the graphic, illuminated LCD
  • Independent current channels
  • Detachable support

Current Waveform

  • Asymmetrical biphasic TENS waveform
  • Asymmetrical biphasic burst TENS waveform
  • Symmetrical biphasic TENS waveform
  • Modulation program 1/1
  • Modulation program 6/6 or 12/12
  • Modulation program 1/30
  • Surge program parameters
  • Synchroneous surge program
  • Asynchroneous surge program
  • PEMS surge program

Technical Specifications

Numbers of channels 4 (independent )
Stimulation current/channel 0-140mA Numbers
Numbers of pre-programmed programs 39
Numbers of personal programs 100
Stimulation are Conventional, Burst, Frequency modulation/pulse, Mixed frequency, Alternating frequency modulation Intermittent, PEMS
Max. pulse 1000 μs
Max. frequency 180 Hz
Power AC adapter ENA – 1524, (100 – 240 Volt 50/60 Hz.)
Dimensions 22 x 20 x 20 cm (b x d x h)
Weight 1,8 kg