En Dynamic

En Dynamic

EN-Dynamic training means optimum exercising for everyone: men-women, elderly -youngsters, beginners-advanced.

After the automatic set-up with the EN-Track chip-card, the ideal body position can be set. In this correct posture, the body is supported on essential points. Hereby the exercises are executed in an appropriate way: with correct posture and accurate load. Compensation is limited to a minimum. The units are easily accessible, easy adjustable and because of the EN-Track guiding unambiguous to use. Even individuals without training experience will feel very at ease in your center.

There are tests to determine initial values and training protocols linked to these aimed at power, condition, duration, interval or fat burning. On the basis of these tests and objectives, you can plan out a full exercise programme for both patients (medical fitness) and clients (general fitness and well-being). it is possible to have exercise programmes adapted progressively and automatically to the loadability of the user. This adaptation is checked so that overload is avoided. This makes exceptionally well suited for both fitness and medical fitness objectives.

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  • Adjustable from a seated position: the load is set by a simple push on a button
  • Provides clear feedback to the user: the force is displayed digitally and the number of repetitions are counted automatically
  • The large green letters are also visible for persons with visual limitations
  • Manually adjustable
  • With the chip-cards, the resistance and number of repetitions are set automatically
  • Simple to operate and accurately adjustable
  • No unnecessary high peak forces
  • Silent during exercising
  • Minimal increments are possible, thus accurate setting and smooth progression
  • Wide range of load setting: from extremely light to very heavy
  • Compact

Technical Specifications

Range Dimensions Weight
EN-Dynamic Total Hip 0-36×10 N (kgf) 110x115x170 cm 120 kg
EN-Dynamic Leg Extension 0-100×10 N (kgf) 140x90x140 cm 105 kg
EN-Dynamic Seated Leg Curl 0-70×10 N (kgf) 140x90x140 cm 105 kg
EN-Dynamic Abduction 0-60×10 N (kgf) 140x140x140 cm 85 kg
EN-Dynamic Adduction 0-60×10 N (kgf) 140x140x140 cm 85 kg
EN-Dynamic Seated Leg Press 0-200×10 N (kgf) 220x90x140 cm 105 kg
EN-Dynamic Squat 0-200×10 N (kgf) 250x80x150 cm 265 kg
EN-Dynamic Chest Press 0-120×10 N (kgf) >135x105x140 cm 100 kg
EN-Dynamic Pull Down 0-80×10 N (kgf) 140x120x180 cm 105 kg
EN-Dynamic Shoulder Press 0-60×10 N (kgf) 140x120x180 cm 135 kg
EN-Dynamic Rowing 0-100×10 N (kgf) 120x90x115 cm 100 kg
EN-Dynamic Triceps Dips 0-100×10 N (kgf) 130x72x140 cm 96 kg
EN-Dynamic Fly 0-65×10 N (kgf) 130x120x140 cm 100 kg
EN-Dynamic Low Back Trainer 0-80×10 N (kgf) 190x90x130 cm 120 kg
EN-Dynamic Abdominal Trainer 0-80×10 N (kgf) 160x90x140 cm 120 kg
EN-Dynamic Rotator 0-60×10 N (kgf) 135x95x108 cm 85 kg