The Anatomical Shoulder CPM Machine designed for use in professional environments

  • Complete range of movements available
  • Syncronised and Anatomical motion
  • Evolutive, build-to-your-need device with up to 3 extra modules available
  • Kinetec Data Capture™ USB technology ready

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Complete range of movements
The Kinetec Data Capture™ is composed of 5 complementary and anatomical movements covering most of the shoulder pathologies:
Abduction/Adduction – Abduction/Adduction with synchronised rotation
Shoulder Rotation – Shoulder Flexion/Extension – Horizontal Abduction.

Easy left to right arm switch system
Patient set-up is anatomical, comfortable and quick with an intuitive colour-coded system.

Evolution compliant
The Kinetec Data Capture™ is available in different versions to fit with your daily requirement and use. The device has been designed with additional modules so the user can upgrade the product as required.

Kinetec Data CaptureTM USB technology ready
The Kinetec Data Capture™ remote control features the latest USB technology enabling the use of the Kinetec Data Capture™ software and patient USBs to track patient progress as well as pre-program the entire patient rehabilitation protocol.