Butterfly Bath

Butterfly Bath

The EWAC Medical butterfly bath is a very practical and ergonomic design.The shape and size of the bath guarantee optimal freedom of movement for the patient. It also provides optimal access for the therapist to be able to assist the patient with the exercises in the bath. The bath can be equipped with a powerful underwater massage unit and a filtration system, including heating & disinfection.

The butterfly bath is particularly suitable for clients who cannot put a lot of weight on their limbs, or feel unsure or afraid in the water. The temperature of the bath water is usually higher than in other baths, because the higher temperature of the water has more effect on the elasticity of the connective tissue. The warm water in the bath also makes it suitable for hydrotherapy with babies.

The shape of the butterfly bath makes it possible to reach all parts of the body that need to the treated with underwater massage.

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  • Manufactured from stainless steel AISI 316
  • 4 different models of stainless steel butterfly baths available
  • Powerful underwater massage unit
  • Compact filtration unit “Aquacontrol”
  • Heater system
  • Automatic disinfection system with automatic dosing
  • Accessible for mobile lifts, with a lifting range of 1000 mm
  • Hand shower with hot and cold taps
  • 4 adjustable legs
  • Can be supplied with various extra accessories, e.g. a head rest, hand rails, a stretcher, steps with two treads, a cover for the water and a chest support.

Technical Specifications

Length outside 2575 mm
Length inside 2075 mm
Width outside 2075 mm
Height 900 mm
Weight empty approx. 350 kg
Capacity approx. 1500 liter
Drain connection PVC Ø 75 mm
Hot/cold water connections  1” internal
Power supply 3 X 230/400 V – 50 Hz  1,6 KVA