Burns Treatment Baths

Burns Treatment Baths

The EWAC Medical Burn Treatment Baths are designed according to the specific needs in the field of burns treatment and chronic skin problems. They have been developed in co-operation with leading specialists in the field of burn treatment. Burns treatment baths meet the strictest requirements with regards to hygiene, durability and ergonomics.

Two types of burns treatment baths:

  • High-low bath
  • Stationary bath

The high-low bath provides an ergonomical working position for the therapist and the patient, which improves the overall effectiveness of the therapy. For the treatment of taller patients, there is an elongated high-low bath, which is especially practical for the treatment of facial skin wounds.

The stationary bath is very suitable for mobile patients who are more or less self supporting. Due to the large size of this bath it is more suitable for total immersion, floating or drowsing.

The burns treatment baths are made out of hygienically disinfectable stainless steel AISI 316 with a perfect finish, meeting the highest standards for hygiene and durability.

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The EWAC Medical Burn Treatment Baths products are well established and utilized within burn units and rehabilitation treatment facilities for wound debridement. They are made out of first class stainless steel AISI 316 with a perfect finish.


  • Prevent the fluid loss through the burned skin which may result in fliuid deplesion and dehydration.
  • Remove debris and clean the wound surface.
  • Provide a good environment for wound healing.
  • Decrease the risk of infection.
  • Decrease the risk of scar tissue formation.
  • The wound has microbial flora, hydrotherapy help adjust them.
  • Help facilitate physical therapy.
  • Promote healing and the formation of healthy tissue.
  • Help provide comfort for the patient.

Technical Specifications

 Dimensions 1955 x 795 x 1730 mm
 Lifting adjustment (loaded)  0 – 965 mm
  Max. load 150 kg