Adjustable Floor

Adjustable Floor

The EWAC Medical adjustable floor for therapy or exercise pools is an incredibly practical and economic solution. The pool, when equipped with an adjustable floor, can be used for various purposes and/or disciplines. The multifunctionality offers sufficient possibilities for both therapy and leisure purposes. EWAC Medical manufactures two different types of adjustable floors:suspended and floating.

The suspended adjustable floor is used mainly in smaller therapy pools. The water depth can be adjusted to the patients needs. The EWAC Medical design concept distinguishes itself with technical simplicity and minimal constructional provisions.For target group pools and public pools, EWAC Medical offers the floating adjustable floor. This type of adjustable floor can be supplied in every required dimension and shape.

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  • Stainless steel support frame
  • Hydraulic unit operated by water pressure
  • Pulley wheels with cables
  • High pressure hose
  • Hot-pressed polyester tiles (500 x 300 mm), colour light-blue
  • Two plastic guide wheels on each side
  • Inserts for the adjustable floor
  • With parallel bars and self adjusting stairs for easy access
  • Underwater lights and depth indication.
  • Windows are fitted into the sides, so that the patient can be observed during the walking exercises
  • Filtration System(optional)


  • To re-educate sensory awareness of weight-bearing without crutches.
  • To induce normal muscular reactions to stabilise the hip.
  • To re-install trunk symmetry.
  • To strengthen muscles ( according to PNF principles ) around the hip, using turbulence, levers, etc.
  • To decrease segmental noisisensoric activity ( pain ) by using flow around the skin of hip and back.
  • To increase blood supply to the area of surgery by using the inhibitory effect of Immersion and movement on the sympathetic nerves.
  • To decrease the hypertonia of the anti-gravity muscles around the hip using immersion.
  • To increase the viscosity of connective tissue in the area of surgery which enhances ROM to reorganise the scar tissue according to the mechanical needs of the hip joint.

Technical Specifications

1. Control box
2.Compression unit
3.Fine filter in mains water supply
5.Water-hydraulic cylinder
6.Anchor point
7.Hydraulic pressure hose
8.Removable polyester tiles
9.Wall display for depth indication (option)