Parafin Bath

The Enraf-Nonius paraffin bath operates on the “au-bain-marie” principle. The paraffin is heated directly by the heat transferred from a heat-transfer liquid. As heat-transfer liquid you can use water or a special thermal-oil (13 ltr). The size of the bath makes it suitable for so-called dipping treatments. It is possible to heat Paraligno, Parafango and pure paraffin in this bath.


  • Quicker heating and more even heat distribution
  • Practically no temperature fluctuations in the paraffin
  • Mobile
  • Thermostatic temperature control (30-90 °C)
  • Overheating safety mechanism

Technical Specifications

Temperature range 30-90°C
Internal dimensions 50x30x21 cm (30 l)
External dimensions 58x32x50 cm
Mains voltage 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 2000 W