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Physical therapy | Physiotherapy Equipment | Antisel Physio

Physical therapy and rehabilitation aim to restore all or a part of our patient’s physical, sensory, and mental incapabilities due to injury, illness, or disease. It seeks to relieve pain, improve strength and mobility, restore muscular, skeletal, and nervous system after orthopedic injuries, spinal cord injuries and other traumatic conditions. Reeducating and training the patient, lead on performing important everyday tasks, improving the quality of life.

The category of Physiotherapy equipment concerns Biofeedback Therapy, Combinational Therapy, CPM, Electrotherapy, Laser Therapy, Pressotherapy, Shockwave, Shortwave-Microwave, Tecar Therapy, Thermotherapy-Cold Therapy, Traction, Trolley and Ultrasound Therapy.

Hydrotherapy is one of the basic methods of treatment widely used in the system of natural medicine also known as water therapy, aquatic therapy, pool therapy or balneotherapy. Use of water in various forms and in various temperatures, can produce different effects on various parts and systems of the body.

Nerves help the sensation of the skin deeper into the body, which is vital in stimulating the immune system, improving circulation and digestion, influencing the production of stress hormones, lessening the body’s sensitivity to pain and encouraging the flow of blood.

Robotic Rehabilitation therapy has been gaining traction in the rehabilitation field as technology advances. Robotic Rehabilitation Systems may offer considerable benefits, not only in terms of cost reduction and training program implementation, but also for the scientific community with an approach inspired from evidence-based medicine. Robotic technology, in contrast to other physiotherapy options, allows objectively quantifying the amount and quality of multisensory stimuli and measure patient outputs and outcomes (times, movements, coordination, and strength improvement).

This therapy decreases the time demands on therapists as the robotic devices can help move the patient’s limbs during exercises, thereby increasing the amount of therapy for each patient and increasing the number of patients undergoing therapy simultaneously.

Reha Technology AG, a Swiss company in the medical devices industry, designs, manufactures and distributes robotic-assisted devices for the rehabilitation of neurological movement disorders. Reha’s objective is to maximize a patient’s capability to undertake personal self-care and domestic tasks, by rebuilding functional ability and required skills for independence in daily life.

The Active Rehabilitation aims to reduce low back pain, reduce arthritic discomfort, increase functional independence, enhance movement control, increase insulin sensitivity, improve glucose control, reduce resting blood pressure, improve blood lipid profiles, increase bone mineral density, improve cognitive ability and reverse aging factors in skeletal muscle. The Active Rehabilitation is the most effective treatment of cardio-vascular, degenerative, post-traumatic and metabolic disorders.

Our Active Rehabilitation equipment regards on Pneumatic systems, Treadmills, Bikes, Pulleys and Exercise materials.

Physiotherapy tables and treatments made by Enraf-Nonius are characterised by quality, durability and innovation. Through the years, our couches have constantly been developed and modified by means of the latest technologies and by listening closely to our customers’ wishes and ideas. This has resulted in unrivalled, customer-specific, safe and attractive treatment couches.

Our range consists of sturdy, simple couches; couches with individually adjustable support angles, couches with a functional design, couches for your treatment rooms and costeffective couches. Whichever model you choose, stability, quality and reliability are always guaranteed. Treatment couches with a stylish, modern design.

It goes without saying that every model is made of the best materials. Owing to the ergonomic design of our couches, patients and the treating specialist experience the greatest possible comfort.

Enraf-Nonius couches – the real treatment couches, unique in terms of stability, reliability and durability, are designed for professionals and for years of intensive use.

Characteristics Examination and Treatment Couches

Stability, strength, reliability, silent and fast height  adjustment, minimum height 45 cm, choice  of sections, unique upholstery with wide choice of colors, electrical flexion position, anti-slip caps, ergo-wings, all-round operation, comfortable  armrest adjustment, ergonomic human interface, choice of options and  accessories.

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